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Services and Rates

Melt Massage

... experience a form of healing and relaxation that has been around for centuries

Swedish/Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage.

30 minutes $50      60 minutes $75      90 minutes $100

Swedish- Long light kneading strokes are used in this massage to increase circulation, improve skin & muscle tone, and soothe tired muscles.

RelaxationRelax with smooth strokes applied with light to moderate pressure. This type of massage helps to relieve as well as reduce emotional and physical stress, relax muscles and improve circulation.

Therapeutic- A customized blend of rejuvenating massage strokes to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasms and stress from the body. (Melt Customer Favorite)


Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on areas of pain and discomfort to break down muscle adhesions, release muscle spasm, and trigger points. This treatment will aid in the release of toxins and allow your body to regain flexibility and well-being.

30 Min $60    60 Min $85     90 Min $110                      


Hot Stone Massage               

Achieve total tranquility as heated smooth river rocks are strategically placed on your body's energy centers and then used to expertly massage the body. The therapeutic heat of the stones increase circulation, eases tension and includes a deep state of relaxation. *Not recommended for those with high blood pressure, heart conditions, or heat related conditions.

30 Min $60    60 Min $85     90 Min $110   


Bamboo Fusion™  

Warm pieces of Bamboo are extensions of the therapists hands. Unique strokes of rolling, kneading, and crisscross movements are used as tools to release tension, tight muscles, and create a sensation of relaxation and well being.

60 Min $85   90 Min $115



In the Japanese language the word "Ashi" means foot and "Atsu" means pressure. Ashiatsu is a unique bodywork style during which a therapist walks on a clients back, using overhead bars and gravity for balance and their bare feet instead of their hands to apply therapeutic pressure. Foot pressure is applied in long compression strokes or to specific trigger points, depending on your needs. The feet are used to target specific pressure points with soothing strokes and deep pressure to milk the muscles and release toxins to induce deep relaxation. It's perfect for lovers of deep tissue work, useful as a sports preparation or athletic maintenance and it feels like a "good workout" to some, leaving them refreshed and relaxed rather than tired.

90 Min $120      Spot work 30 Min $60


Four Hands of Heaven

Also called Tandem massage this treatment is perfect for those that have a hard time relaxing during a massage. Two therapist in sync catering to your body's needs.

60 Min $130    90 Min $160


Salt/Sugar Massage Glow

This service is a great exfoliation of the skin. A light Swedish massage is done as the salt/sugar rub is placed on your body. Followed by a deep moisturizing body butter to rejuvenate skin.

60 Min $75


Just For Feet Massage

This is an ultimate treat for those tired and aching feet. Begin with hot towels compressing and massaging the feet, and then a 30 minute soak in an herbal detox bath followed by an essential oil scrub that will delight your senses while calming your whole body. A combination of massage and reflexology to restore balance to body, mind, and spirit.

30 Min $45  

Choose from a variety of scents


Extras & Add-ons                                               

Salt Sauna                                  $30.00  (30 minutes)
Aromatherapy Services           $15.00
Just for Feet                              $30.00
Salt / Sugar Massage Glows   $10.00 (hands or feet)
Salt / Sugar Massage Glows   $25.00 (full body)



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